About The Post Rainbow Nationist


Illustration by Mohammed Fayaz (I actually look a little bit like this – I don’t have hair though)

The “Post” in the title does not signify a past but rather it is placed to signify the ‘analytical space’ i South Africa find in which is constituted through the the past and the present. It is a space which explores how it feels to be told you are in a”Post”-Apartheid present but still feel firmly within grip of networks of oppression which constituted Apartheid legitmising logic. Post-Apartheid and Post-Rainbow Nation are synonyms in this space – they are both a mocking critique and denaturalisation/decentering of the multi-cultural Constitutionalism which has taken the place of iberatory critique.

I come with no easy answers – this is a thinking space – sometimes all you will get from me is simply questions and decentering critique. I want to think through how the law (and other technologies of power) produce and sustain vulnerability and insecurity for black/womxn/queer bodies in South Africa. How the law is complicit with systems of oppression. Perhaps it is an attempt to prove to myself and other black queer bodies that no, we aren’t defective but it is how the system is designed – to render us defective and therefore legitimately disposable.

This is a space for decentering or undoing the neoliberal legalism of South African Post-Apartheid Transformative Constitutionalism. It is an interogationg of the ways in which South African law (and other technologies of power) are complicit in the production of anti-black/womxn/queer in/security.

In short, it’s a project of thinking through shit – its messy and sometimes incoherent. Most of the pieces will be long (although I might just post short pieces which are more questions than arguments to deal with later). I will not be posting on a regular basis because writing hurts and I’m busy. Set a notification on the blog so you get updates when I do post something.

This page might be updated in case I want to add some other professional sounding stuff. But for now, welcome. Tell me, how does it feel to be “legitimately disposable”?